First Holy Communion Class of 2019

Congratulations to the following children who received Holy Communion for the first time! May God bless you and strengthen you throughout your life every time you receive the Body & Blood of Christ.


Ashlyn BradshawAngela Laskowski
Luke CollinsEric Meleski
Thomas CollinsKate Rose Melesky
Ethan CortazarJeffrey Miller Jr.
Rhys GriffinKayden Miller
Jack Mackar-Muller

Holy Cross

Emily BeckHayden Panusky
Karsyn CainesPaige Paone
Joshua CarrollSean Patchcoski
Jake CarrollShane Patterson
Richard CarrollMichael Peregrim III
Aziel ChavezLyndsay Powell
Dominick DelRossoGary Puhalla
Lily DesirMia Ricciardi
Annabelle FrableZachery Sadavage
Kali GilgallonJoseph Sandrowicz
Dante HernandezEva Schuler
Jack JudgeGreyson Shimkus
Andrew KarsnakMia Ricciardi
Stephen Klem IVOlivia Thomas
Falynne LukasikJulian Williams
Marley MoranoRobert Wilson
Ryan MonroeLeo Wisniewski
Salvatore PalazzariTess Yanoski


to our second grade teachers: Mrs. Barbara Tracewski and Miss Amanda Rimosites; assistant: Mrs. Linda Sablan. Thank you to LaSalle Academy, St. Clare/St. Paul Elementary School and St. Mary of Mt. Carmel Elementary School teachers. Thank you to our directors of Religious Education: Mr. John Musyt and Mrs. Karen Doyle. Thank you to our parents and grandparents and extended family for your dedication to your child’s religious education and his/her faith development.


The first time I received Jesus

Was a wondrous day for me!

To be united with Christ, my Savior

Who died for us on Calvary.

This prayer reminds me to thank Him

For the special gift He gave:

The sacrament of Holy Eucharist

Through which we all are saved.

It helps me think of the first time

Jesus came into my heart

And if I but follow His message

He and I will never part.

As Jesus said on that holy night

So many years ago

If we but take and eat this bread

Eternal Life we will know.

Each time I receive communion

I’ll think of His love for me

And I’ll thank Him for giving to us

The greatest miracle in history.

“I am the living bread which has

Come down from heaven. Anyone

Who eats this bread will live forever.”