• The Parishes of Holy Cross and Blessed Sacrament
  • The Parishes of Holy Cross and Blessed Sacrament
  • The Parishes of Holy Cross and Blessed Sacrament
  • The Parishes of Holy Cross and Blessed Sacrament
  • The Parishes of Holy Cross and Blessed Sacrament
  • The Parishes of Holy Cross and Blessed Sacrament
  • The Parishes of Holy Cross and Blessed Sacrament

Mass Times

Saturday Vigil
4:00pmHoly Cross
5:30pmBlessed Sacrament

8:00amHoly Cross
9:30amBlessed Sacrament
11:00amHoly Cross

Daily Mass
Mon, Wed, Fri: 8:00amHoly Cross
Tues,Thurs: 7:30amBlessed Sacrament


Holy Cross
3:00pm to 3:45pm

Blessed Sacrament
3:15pm to 3:45pm

Outreach Services

AA Helpline1-800-640-7545
Birthright of Scranton570-961-1133
National Hotline For Abortion Recovery1-866-482+5433
Rachel’s Vineyard Post Abortive Healing1-877-467-3463
PA 24 Hour Child Abuse Hot Line1-800-932-0313

Latest Tweets



I invite you into my life today and make myself available to you. Help me to become the best-version-of-myself by seeking your will and becoming a living example of your love in the world.

Open my heart to the areas of my life that need to change in order for me to carry out the mission and experience the joy you have imagined for my life.

Inspire me to live the Catholic faith in ways that are dynamic and engaging. Show me how to best get involved in the life of my parish. Make our community hungry for best practices and continuous learning.

Give me courage when I am afraid, hope when I am discouraged, and clarity in times of decision. Teach me to enjoy uncertainty and lead your Church to become all you imagined it would be for the people of our times. Amen


  • Monday, March 27, 5:30 to 7:00 pm, Holy Cross, Olyphant
  • Thursday, March 30, 6:30 pm Holy Cross, Olyphant
  • Saturday, April 1, an hour before Masses
  • Sunday, April 2, 3:00 pm Sacred Heart, Peckville
  • Monday, April 3, 5:30 to 7:00 pm Blessed Sacramentv Throop
  • Tuesday, April 4, 6:30 pm Blessed Sacrament, Throop
  • Thursday, April 6, 6:30 pm St. Mary’s, Dickson City
  • Saturday, April 8, an hour before Masses

Please take advantage of the opportunities presented to prepare for Easter celebrating God’s mercy and forgiveness in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.



Holy Thursday Practice- Palm Sunday, April 14 – 2:00 pm at Blessed Sacrament; 3:30 pm at Holy Cross.

Good Friday Practice- Wednesday, April 17 – 5:30 pm at Blessed Sacrament and 7:00 pm at Holy Cross.


Saturday, April 20 – 9:00 am Lectors and 9:45 am Altar Servers at Holy Cross.


Easter Monday, April 17, 6:30 pm Easter Octave. As we continue to celebrate Easter in the Eucharistic presence of the Risen Christ.

Blessing of Easter Baskets 2017

Saturday, April 15; 11:00 AM at Blessed Sacrament and 12:30 PM at Holy Cross.


CEMETERY CLEAN-UP will start shortly. All winter and Christmas decorations will be taken off the graves. If you want your decorations, please remove as soon as possible.

Easter Triduum Schedule 2017

Easter Triduum

Easter Triddum Schedule

Holy Thursday – April 13

Mass of the Last Supper

6:00 p.m.Blessed Sacrament – Throop
7:00 p.m.Holy Cross – Olyphant

Good Friday – April 14

The Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ

1:30 p.m.Holy Cross – Olyphant
3:30 p.m.Blessed Sacrament – Throop

Stations of the Cross

5:30 p.m.Holy Cross – Olyphant
6:00 p.m.Blessed Sacrament – Throop

Holy Saturday – April 15

Blessing of Baskets

11:00 a.m.Blessed Sacrament – Throop
12:30 p.m.Holy Cross – Olyphant

Easter Vigil - April 15

8:00 p.m.Holy Cross – Olyphant

Easter Sunday – April 16

8:00 a.m.Holy Cross – Olyphant
9:30 a.m.Blessed Sacrament – Throop
11:00 a.m.Holy Cross – Olyphant
11:00 a.m.Blessed Sacrament – Throop
12:30 a.m.Holy Cross – Throop

Alleluia Alleluia!

What You Need To Know About Lent

Lent is the perfect time to form new life-giving habits and abandon old self-destructive habits. But most of us just give up chocolate (or Oreos and popcorn…). Then, when Easter arrives, we realize we really haven’t grown spiritually since the beginning of Lent.

Giving things up can be helpful and powerful, but that is not all that Lent is about. Lent is about doing something –something BOLD to become a better husband or wife, father or mother, friend, neighbor, etc.

This Lent – do something LIFE CHANGING!

• Sign up: visit BestLentEver.com

• Join us for Daily Mass

• Pray before the Blessed Sacrament in Adoration

• Pray the Stations of the Cross each Friday

• Come to Benediction/Holy Hour

• Do some act of Service

• Participate in “Resisting Happiness” Sessions on Tuesday 6:30 PM, Kelley Hall, Holy Cross or Thursday 8:00 AM Blessed Sacrament Parish Hall

• Heal relationships- Seek forgiveness, say “I’m sorry”; Give forgiveness, say “I forgive you”

• Celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation


What is Prayer? – St. Therese of Lisieux wrote, “For me, prayer is a surge of the heart; it is a simple look turned toward heaven, it is a cry of recognition and of love, embracing both trial and joy.” And yet, the truth is, prayer is perhaps the most difficult thing we will ever do.

Prayer is central to the Christian experience. A Christian life is not sustainable without it; growth in the Christian life is simply not possible without prayer. Growing in character and virtue, learning to hear the voice of God in our lives, and walking where he calls us all requires the discipline of prayer.

If you want to know God, and if you want to know yourself, pray. Talk to God. There are many different kinds of prayer (adoration, petition, intercession, thanksgiving), but in the end, prayer is simply conversation with God.

To find where to begin – checkout Dynamic Catholic Prayer Process (BestLentEver.com). Next week “What is Fasting?”


Tuesdays in Lent 6:30 PM Kelley Hall, Holy Cross or Thursdays in Lent, following 7:30 AM Mass, Blessed Sacrament.

The right book at the right time can be life-changing. “Resisting Happiness” is that book.

We all know things that will make us happy, but we don’t always do them. Why? We’re resistant. With his signature combination of the profound and the practical, New York Times bestselling author Matthew Kelly helps you learn why we sabotage ourselves, feel over whelmed, set aside our dreams, and lack the courage to simply be ourselves…and how to start choosing happiness again.

“Resisting Happiness” will inspire you to break through resistance so you can become the-best-version-of-yourself and start living with passion and purpose.

Join us for conversation and prayer as we review “Resisting Happiness”.

All are welcome – if you haven’t participated in prior discussions, you’re able to pick up and join the conversion!

Ash Wednesday Schedule 2017

Ash Wednesday

March 1, 2017 - Mass and Distribution of Ashes

7:30 a.m. Blessed Sacrament Parish – Throop

8:00 a.m. Holy Cross Parish – Olyphant

12:00 p.m. Holy Cross Parish – Olyphant

5:30 p.m. Holy Cross Parish – Olyphant

7:00 p.m. Blessed Sacrament Parish

The Light is On For You

The Light is On for You.

The Light Is On For You - all Mondays of Lent from 5:30-7:00pm. All the parishes in the Diocese of Scranton will be open for individual conffessions.

The Light is On For You. Schedule is as follows:

  • Monday, March 11 - Holy Cross
  • Monday, March 18 - Blessed Sacrament
  • Monday, March 25 - Holy Cross
  • Monday, April 1 - Blessed Sacrament
  • Monday, April 8 - Holy Cross
  • Monday, April 15 - Blessed Sacrament

  • Tuesday, April 9 - Blessed Sacrament, Throop

  • Wednesday, April 10 - St. Mary's, Dickson City

  • Thursday, April 11 - Holy Cross, Olyphant


Chair of St. Peter – February 22

All-powerful Father, you have built your church on the rock of Saint Peter’s confession of faith. May nothing divide or weaken our unity in faith and love.

During Lent we shall…with deep feeling meditate on the passion of our Lord and examine our conscience on what sin of ours caused that special pain to Jesus. …..Blessed Teresa of Calcutta

Notice Regarding Reporting Sexual Abuse of a Minor

It is the policy of the Diocese of Scranton to report any allegation of sexual abuse of a minor to law enforcement. If you are a victim of sexual abuse committed by a priest, deacon, religious or lay employee or volunteer of the Diocese of Scranton, you are encouraged to immediately report the matter to law enforcement. If any priest, deacon, religious, lay employee or volunteer of the Diocese of Scranton has cause or reason to suspect that a minor has been subjected to any form of abuse, including child sexual abuse, the matter will be reported to law enforcement. In accordance with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Child Protective Services Laws, reports of suspected child abuse should also be made immediately by phone to the 24-Hour Child Abuse hotline (ChildLine) at 1-800-932-0313 or electronically at www.compass.state.pa.us/cwis.

It is also the policy of the Diocese to adhere to all civil and state regulations. To this end, the Diocese is equally committed to adhering to the norms of the Code of Canon Law and to upholding the tenets of the USCCB Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People, which includes supporting victims of sexual abuse in their pursuit of emotional and spiritual well-being. As such, information regarding an allegation of sexual abuse of a minor should also be reported to the Victim Assistance Coordinator Mary Beth Pacuska at (570-862-7551) or to Diocesan officials, including the Vicar General, Monsignor Thomas M. Muldowney, V.G., at (570-207-2269).


Best Lent Ever is a free, daily email program that will help those who participate have a truly life-changing Lent. This year’s program is based on Matthew Kelly’s newest bestseller, “Resisting Happiness”.

We all know the things that make us happy, but we don’t always do them. Lent is an opportunity to change that. This year we invite you to do something different.

This book leads readers, in a deeply personal way

to the realization that they cannot get to where they want to go without God. It is specifically written to re-engage disengaged Catholics and inspire individuals to grow in their spiritual lives.

How Does It Work?

1. All are encouraged to visit BestLentEver.com to sign up.

2. Beginning Ash Wednesday, March 1st, participants will receive daily emails with practical tips, short inspirational videos from Matthew Kelly, and personal reflections.

3. Participants will discover how to open their hearts to God and do more than just give up chocolate for Lent – helping all to have our Best Lent Ever.

4. The Book “Resisting Happiness” has been handed out at all Ash Wednesday Masses – free of charge, as our gift, take it home for your spiritual Lenten prayer.

5. Sessions for Prayer and Conversation – each Tuesday night during Lent at 6:30 PM in Kelley Hall at Holy Cross and/or each Thursday morning following 7:30 AM mass in Blessed Sacrament Parish Hall. We will conduct sessions about “Resisting Happiness”.

The book “Resisting Happiness” will be available to all who would like a copy – please call the Rectory 570-489-0752 or 570-489-1963 to reserve a copy or sign up in the gathering spaces of our parishes. There is no fee. Books are free. During Lent we will also conduct sessions for prayer and reflection as we review “Resisting Happiness.”

Deanery Communal Services for 2017

Come Fount, of Every Blessing/h3>

Please Note- Rescheduled:

We are happy to host this event which has been rescheduled due to the March snowstorm. Wednesday, April 19, 7:00 PM- Holy Cross Parish, Olyphant, Preaching: Rev. Virginia Miner. Refreshments to follow the service.

  • March 8 Peckville United Methodist Church, 725 Main St. Peckville
  • March 15 Holy Cross Parish at St Patrick's Church, 200 Delaware Ave. Olyphant
  • March 22 SS James & George Episcopal Church, 3998 Washington Ave., Jermyn
  • March 29 Blakely Baptist church, 201 Main Street, Blakely
  • April 5 First United Presbyterian Church of Lackawanna County, 1557 Main St., Peckville

All Services begin at 7:00 PM

Church Chuckles

Little Girl at Prayer


Dear God, please take care of Daddy and Mommy and my sister and my brother and me. And please take care of yourself, God. If anything happens to you, we’re gonna be in a big mess.

The Solemnity of the Epiphany


Today’s Gospel, the story of the astrologers and the star of Bethlehem, is unique to Matthew’s Gospel. Note that Matthew does not call them kings or “magi” but “astrologers,” nor does he give their names or report where they came from – in fact, Matthew never even specifies the number of astrologers (because three gifts are reported, it has been a tradition since the fifth century to picture “three wise men”). In stripping away the romantic layers that have been added to the story, Matthew’s point can be better understood.

The gifts of the astrologers indicate the principal dimensions of Jesus’ mission:

  • gold is a gift fitting for a king, a ruler, one with power and authority;
  • frankincense is a gift for a priest, one who Offers sacrifice (frankincense was an aromatic perfume sprinkled on the animals sacrificed in the Temple);
  • myrrh is a fitting “gift” for some one who is to die (myrrh was used in ancient time for embalming the bodies of the dead before burial).


The Feast of the Baptism of the Lord, Monday, January 9 brings the Christmas season to an end. To mark the day, here is a reflection composed by Howard Thurman, an African-American theologian, educator, and civil rights leader.

When the song of the angels is stilled,

When the star in the sky is gone,

When the Kings and princes are home,

When the shepherds are back with their flocks,

The work of Christmas begins:

  • to find the lost,
  • to heal the broken,
  • to feed the hungry,
  • to release the prisoner,
  • to rebuild the nations,
  • to bring peace among the people,
  • to make music in the heart.


The traditional New Year’s blessing of homes begins with the Feast of the Epiphany on January 8, 2017. Since the majority of families are unable to be present for the house blessing during weekdays “The Book of Blessing of the Catholic Church” allows for a lay person to offer the prayers for the traditional house blessing. This allows the family together at their convenience. Blessed chalk will be available at all masses the weekend of January 7 & 8.

Financial Statements

Financial Statements for the 2018 calendar year will be mailed in late January 2019, upon request only. Donations for tax purposes for 2018 should have already been made. If you would like a tax statement please call the parish office.